Nant Ltd

We provide risk assessment services to clients who may have their water contaminated with potentially deadly bacterium.

Sector : Property & Facilities Management

Where is your business based?


What is your name?

Imran Ishaq

What is your role within the business?

I am the Marketing Manager. I am in charge of maintaining the social media accounts, organise and participate in events, promote and launch products & services, research on new ways to market these products and services and manage and update the website.

What does your business do?

Here at Nant Ltd we provide risk assessment services to clients who may have their water contaminated with potentially deadly bacterium and take actions to remedy the risks highlighted in our risk assessment.

What is special about your business - what makes it a great place to work?

Great working environment with friendly colleagues and opportunity to grow within the organisation through interpersonal mentoring and training.

How many people do you employ?


What skills and qualities do you look for in new employees? Why should people look at jobs in this sector?

We want our employees to be passionate, have great communication skills, be adaptable and have a willingness to learn new things. We also look for professionalism such as showing honesty, integrity and reliability.

What other job roles do you have in your business?

Risk AssessorEngineerMarketing ExecutiveAdministratorBookkeeperOperations ManagerHR Manager

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Simon Stone

Job role: Marketing and Advertising

Describe what you do in your job. What is a typical day like?

I am responsible for overseeing the more social aspects of marketing, from Linkedin and Twitter to trade shows. Marketing is a wide and diverse area that can be applied to all industries and the onset of social media services and platforms (such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) means that being able to practically use social media effectively will open many doors.

Was this your first job? What other jobs or work experience have you had?

No, I have come from a background in customer focused roles across a variety of sectors and industries.

What process did you have to follow to get your job?

I applied through an apprenticeship scheme and through dedication and hard work I was offered a permanent position.

What is great about your job? What part of your job do you enjoy the most?

The aspects of the role can change on an almost daily basis which provides a great opportunity for creativity. Nant Ltd may be a modest looking company on the outside, but their is character, dedication and brilliance beyond the surface. The company strives to do its best for clients and employees alike, start off small and work your way to something of great value.

What training do you get at work to help you do your job role?

I underwent a level 3 diploma as part of my apprenticeship and have attended a selection of recognised training both for my role and the water safety industry at large.

What skills are required to do your job?

People skills are a must, you can’t engage, converse and effectively inform people if you don’t have that passion for conversation and communication. Undergoing training for specific marketing is a bonus, but natural talent will always shine through.

What subject options (curriculum subjects) would you recommend someone chooses to do your role?

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Business and Management
  • Design
  • Technology

What is your personality type?

  • Adventurer - Flexible and charming artists, always ready to explore and experience something new.

Do you have any interests that complement your job role?

  • tv/radio
  • blog/vlog
  • computer/IT
  • reading
  • social media

How many years of experience do you need to do your job?

  • 1 - 2 years experience

How much can you earn in your job?

  • £15,000 – £20,000

What was the highest level of qualification you needed from school, college or university to do your role?

  • Level 1 - Entry level 1,2,3; Introduction to foundation learning; Access 1,2,3.
  • Level 2 - GCSE grades D-G (Level 1-3); Btec L1 Diploma, Certificate, Award: NVQ 1; Intermediate 1 General Standard Grade; SVQ1.
  • Level 3 - GCSE grades A*-C (Level 4-9); Btec First Diploma, Certificate, Award; NVQ 2; Intermediate 2 Credit Standard Grade; SVQ 2.
  • Level 4 - A level; S level; International Baccalaureate; Btec National Extended Dip & Diploma, Subsidiary Dip Certificate; NVQ 3; Highers; Advanced Highers Scottish Baccalaureate; SVQ 3.

Marketing and Advertising