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West Bromwich Albion FC have partnered with PLANit Global to provide an engaging insight into careers for all, including those who aspire to work in the football industry. Using PLANit Global’s innovative platform, West Bromwich Albion staff talk about their roles at the Club and their career experiences that have led them to the jobs they have today. The partnership of the West Bromwich Albion brand and the pioneering technology of PLANit Global provide our young generation with the information and inspiration to pursue their dream careers in whatever sector they choose.

Carrier business

هل أنت تمثل شركة ترغب في إعلام وإلهام الشباب بالوظائف المهنية في القطاع الذي تعمل به؟

Carrier explorer

هل أنت شاب تبحث عن المسار الوظيفي المثالي لك؟

Carrier education

هل تمثل مؤسسة تعليمية تبحث لمعرفة المسارات الوظيفية والقطاعات التي تلهم الطلاب لديكم؟